Jacqueline James Hand Woven Rugs
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My one of a kind rugs / wall hangings are mainly contemporary in style using geometric patterns and stripe rhythms.  Inspiration for new designs comes from everywhere, especially the all the colours and patterns I see in nature, landscapes and architecture.

As a practising textile artist I embrace the concept of weaving as an art form.  As a rug weaver I am usually defined as a craftsperson.  I design with colour and pattern and construct with form and texture.  I endeavour to create a woven item which is both visually interesting and structurally practical.  The weaving work I do is made to be durable enough for a floor rug, but their graphic quality makes them suitable for the wall.  

For me, weaving is a lifestyle occupation which gives me a great sense of purpose.  I thoroughly enjoy every aspect of the weaving process, from design to making.  I adore the tactile qualities and the rich colours of the threads I use and find the action of weaving very engaging.  Rug weaving is the perfect vehicle for my visual interpretation and expression.  As a rug weaver I feel privileged being part of the International weaving community and continuing an important heritage craft tradition.

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